From a very early age, I loved the arts; singing, acting, writing. I directed my first play on my performing arts course, and later, music videos, including two for Gary Numan. I started a music production company in 1990, writing/producing music for hundreds of major brand commercials, artists, TV and film.

Around the end of the 90s, early 00s, I felt my mojo was missing and began writing film scripts, but it wasn't till more recently, that I was able to take my screenwriting more seriously. I have now written quite a few things on spec, which have been both fun, and over time, an amazing learning experience of the craft and of the industry.

My scripts and projects include a couple of crime/mystery drama series episodes, a rom-com feature and I've almost finished a pilot for a new sit-com. Most recently, I completed 2 episodes of a comedy-drama miniseries which captured the attention of renowned literary agent, Julian Friedmann of Blake Friedmann, who I am very proud to say, now represents me.

Alongside the scriptwriting, I have also been working in film production, on some shorts and a low-budget feature, as an integral part of the team in several roles from production assistant, through production coordinator up to executive producer.


Film Production





The universe created itself a new, passionate (some may say, obsessed) screenwriter

I always had a fascination for people-watching and soon found my keen observation of situations, coupled with a highly active imagination, an inspiration for visual story writing. With a keen  interest in conversation, discussion, the world of make-believe and a huge appreciation of drama and visual artistry, film/TV were always going to be the mediums to bring this to light.



Various shorts directed by VFX guru, Chris Keller, and produced by Oliver Milbourne and Katie Smith, plus others and a feature by Thomas Kadman

I'm organised, intuitive, technically minded, communicative, efficient, enthusiastic, I drive and make good tea. And then there's that attention to detail.....



Producer, arranger, songwriter, composer, engineer, mixer

For a large part of my life, I worked as a professional, independent, UK based music writer/producer, working on hundreds of TV commericals and with artists/bands, gaining respect from my peers, including from legendary producer, Tony Visconti (DAVID BOWIE/MARC BOLAN). I also ran the production company and the studio. (Busy much?)



Supporting artist and a bit of acting too

Dipped in and out of acting, working as supporting artist for film/TV. More recently taken short courses in acting, also helping to dig deeper in characters and characterisation.



Pop promos and a play

Produced and directed several pop promos for bands/artists including 2 for GARY NUMAN. Directed “THE DUMB WAITER” by Harold Pinter on drama course.



Software/Computing: Final Draft, Word, Logic, Photoshop, Excel, Social Media, Words with Friends.

Other: Creative, hard-working, imaginative, dedicated, fastidious, musical, seeking out good red wines.



(Between the lines)

Learning, talking, listening, appreciating the mastery of creative skills, philosophical discussion, cats, good flat whites, the great outdoors, the great indoors, honesty, spirituality and the bigger picture of life and of course, seeking out good red wines.





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London, UK

Email me with any enquiries about any of my projects or regarding working with me as a screentwriter or other. Please do also connect with on social media, though with so many sites, you'll mostly find me on Twitter, Facebook or Linked In. (You may even see my cat, hear me wax lyrical about flat whites or find me ranting in screenwriters' groups/discussions etc.)

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